Week #4: Church leaders, David Archuletta, and more fun at the MTC

Hola, once again from the MTC!

Another week down and a couple more to go here at the MTC!
This week has truly been one of a kind. Because I love lists, I made one for this week’s fun adventures.

1. Last Tuesday, Elder Richard G. Scott (a very important leader in our church)came and talked to the whole MTC! Probably one of the most inspiring experiences that I’ve ever had. He first started out with “Don’t just have a good mission, have a blast!”. I think it’s very, very, very, very important as a missionary to always be positive even when you feel like you have the world against you. This is only going to be for 18 months, and enjoy every second of it.
Then he talked about how prayer is the most vital part in our lives. Direct communication between us and God is vital for this life. Not Richard G. Scott, but Hrm. Beckstead said something that an apostle once said, you pray to God you want to talk to Him, when you read the scriptures, he can talk to you.
Another thing that Elder Scott discussed was to pray, even when you have no desire to. That’s when you need to pray. To show appreciation in prayers, even when you don’t want to. I literally have 6 pages of notes which I can barely comprehend my handwriting. it’s very hard to pick and choose, so I apologize if this is very scattered brained.
In conclusion, prayer is an expression of love and gratitude in your life. He answers in different ways, which is usually the best way for you personally.

2. Last week I described that we as missionaries practice on different members on wednesday through TRC. This week we had a special visitor: David Archuletta(famous LDS member who preformed on American Idol)! Unfortunately my trio didn’t get to teach him, but two elders in our district did! We passed by the room they were teaching in and we definitely made eye contact. It was awesome, haha.
I just think it’s so fantastic that he would give up some time in his schedule to come practice on missionaries. Props to him.

3. This week the zone leaders and I welcomed two new districts to our zone! Unfortuately, they’ll be closing the West campus (moving all spanish speakers back to main campus) on oct 8, we leave oct 6 for Argentina so we barely make it. But they might move these districts to main campus, but it’s all been rumors so far and nothing concrete.

4. Ogden, Utah Temple re-dedication was this past Sunday and the whole MTC was able to see the broadcast! It was an amazing experience. President Monson talked about how we need to love, appreciate, and attend the Temple. Another leader of the church talked about how we can be healed emotionaly at the temple through Christ. I absolutely loved that and today when we as a district attended the Temple, you could feel that power.

5. We finished up teaching our lovely TRC investigator, Hely this week. She was so patient with our spanish and teaching habits. Teaching in a trio can be hard because we have so many ideas, but we make it work 🙂
But tomorrow we get a new investigator! Super excited about that.

Other than that nothing too exciting going on here. Just trying to love every second here at the MTC! Also heard that BYU is 4-0! Holla! We can hear and see the stadium, so home games are a rough time (basically torture) here, haha.
Also, fun fact: I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon and I’m in Mosiah and it’s absolutely amazing. I love soaking up every story and principle. It’s a good time 🙂

Love y’all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!
Te amo!

Con amor,
Hermana Smith


Week 3- Study, Study, and More Studying!

 Hola from Provo!

Crazy to think that I’ve been here for three (almost starting the 4th) weeks!! Time does fly by.
Where to begin, each day flies by completely. Full of learning how to teach and speak Spanish.
To start off, for something fun to do, my district had a “tie contest” because the Elders have the coolest ties, ever. Also, Hermana Beckstead drew the whole district and our maestros on the white board in our class room, it was fantastic! It gets very stressful here, so it’s always nice to  some-sort of “outlet”.
Also, some pretty big news: on Sunday I was called by my Branch President to be the new Sister Training Leader for my Zone! (A zone is comprised of 4 or 5 districts (a cluster of missionaries)). We had two districts leave us this past weekend, one of which had 4 amazing sister missionaries, so now the “torch” is handed to me to be the new STL! (Basically, I get to know all the sister missionaries in my zone and great the new ones!. it’s the only sister missionary leadership position, and I’m very excited to serve!).
Everyday is pretty much the same: study in the morning, class with Hro. Humble, then class with Hrm. Brown. Nothing too exciting except for teaching! In the MTC, there’s this program called “Teaching Resource Center” or TRC where you teach either a member pretending to be an investigator or an actual investigator for about two weeks. We did a brief introduction to understand the point. Last week with two members; one served his mission in Atlanta (and served in Jonesboro, crazy!!) and the other one served in Argentina (guess what we talked about for 30 mins, haha).
 Yesterday we began our two weeks with our “investigator”. Her name is Halee and she’s from Guatemala. She works in Finances and is the sweetest and most patient person. We were only able to teach her for 15 mins, but it was awesome. TRC is one of my favorite things here at the MTC. Talking to real people and being able to teach them about Christ, the Book of Mormon, and the church.
One of the best parts about the MTC is the devotionals that we have every tuesday and sunday night. The speakers that we have are outstanding. Last Tuesday we had Elder Joseph Sitat speak to us about how to make the most of our missions. Even if you’re not on a mission or not mormon/ LDS, it’s important to be the best version that you can be. Personally, that means serving my companions and the people around me.
Also, fun fact: I saw an Elder from my Public Speaking class at the Sunday devotional!! It was so nice to see a familiar face!
I have so much to say, but not enough time to say it! I love this gospel so much and I’m grateful every day to be on a mission. The majority of the time it’s very, very, very, very hard, whether it be Spanish, learning the principles, issues, or random little things. But I know that through Christ nothing is impossible.
Yo sé que Jesucristo es mi salvador. Yo agreido por su expiación. Mediate Jesucristo, yo puedo limpiar otra vez.
José Smith es el profets. El libro de mormón es verdadera. Lo bendice mi vida mucho. Español es muy difficl, por mediate oracíon y leer la scripturas, yo sé que yo aprender.
I love you all so much and I´m so grateful for every single one of y’all!
Te amo!
-Hermana Smith
ps: read 2 nephi 25: 23-26, it talks about how without Christ in our lives, I absolutely love it. Also, I’m reading in Mosiah currently where King Benjamin gives his talk. It’s fantastic.
pss: a quick “lo siento” or sorry to all non-members who are confused by lds lingo / book of mormon references…you can always ask me and i’ll try to email you back or lds.org /mormon.org is a great place 🙂
BYU Stadium! So close but sooooo far
BYU Stadium! So close but sooooo far


our district!
our district!


In the rain!
In the rain!

Week 2- I’m Loosing my English


This week has flown by compared to the week before. We’ve had two devotionals since the last time I sent out an email (in the MTC there’s a devotional every tuesdayand sunday night). 
Last Tuesday, we had a member of the 70 come talk to us! It was pretty amazing, he also served his mission in Argentina 30ish years ago, but we talked to him after and he said to enjoy the food! Hearing that makes me so anxious to get out into the field, but I still have mucho español to learn! He also taught us how we can become better missionaries and how we can improve our skills. 
Well my companernos (Hermana Beckstead and Hermana Scadlock) get along so well! Being in a trio is the best because we never get bored with each other and we all have amazing stories to tell! We see Hermana Lake (my old companion) at meals and at P day but we´ll be heading to Argentina together in 4ish weeks! 
Being at the MTC it´s a rollarcoaster of emotions. There´s very high highs and low lows. Spanish is hard. Teaching is hard. Teaching in spanish is even harder. But I know that I can pull through! 
Sundays are definitely my favorite here. Since it was fast Sunday, we had a Mission Conference broadcast to West Campus via the Main Campus, and it was incredible. 
In Sacrament meeting we had Testimony meeting which was glorious. We just received two new districts (or classes) in our Zone (holds about 5 classes). One district is only going to be here for two weeks because they’re native speakers. They all shared their Testimonies and just hearing spanish that was was something I’ll never forget. 
Also, I played piano during Sacrament meeting! (Mrs. Marilee and my mother should be so proud!! All those years of practicing have paid off! haha. (also I completed sight read a random sacrament hymn, so that was fun.)
Also, after the devotional on Sunday we have the opportunity to watch 4 different movies, one of the options was “Legacy”. For you non-members this might not be too interesting (lo siento) but Legacy is a pioneer movie that is awesome. Mucho dramatic. 
Well that’s the closest thing you can get to a rom-com in the MTC, haha. We had a great time. 
Fun Fact: I’ll actually be here for the Ogden Utah Temple Dedication (which we’ll see live) and General Conference (which well actually be our last Sunday here)! I’ve heard that General Conference in the MTC is the best, so I’ll keep you updated. 
Last but not least, we have new teachers! Hermana Brown is from Grantsville, Utah and served in Dallas, Texas. She’s always so happy and helpful! Remember my old investigator, Augustine? Well he’s our teacher now, haha. His name is Hermano Humble from Portland, Oregon and served in San Antonio, Texas, he also came home in June so he’s fresh off the mission. 
They’re both fantastic teachers and I can’t wait to learn from them! Our old teacher, Hermano Dia still comes by and helps us.
The MTC is muy difficult and mentally challenging. But I love my distirct and my companions. These next weeks will fly by so I´m trying to absorb as much information as I can! 
Yo sé que Jesucristo es mi salvador. El Libro de Mórmon es verdadero. 
I´m so grateful for serving a mission. I love you all and don´t forget to dearelder (send me letters in the MTC for no charge for postage!!! go to the google and searchdearelder.com and click send letter to missionary, then use the address I posted on Facebook and my blog!! Por favor!) and email me!!
Te amo!
-Hermana Smith
first greenie package from Stef
first greenie package from Stef
companion trio
companion trio in the rain
Provo Temple
Provo Temple

two weeks down, four to go!
two weeks down, four to go!

Week 1 – “The MTC is Hard”

Hola amigos y familia!!

Well I just finished my first week in the Missionary Training Center (MTC or CCM in espanol)! I’m not at the main campus thought, I’m at the lovely West Campus (all spanish speaking). It is absolutely wonderful saying “Hola” and “Gracias” around campus! We’re living in Wyview apartments so they’re much nicer than main campus which is definitely a bonus.
When I first arrived here I had Hermana Lake (from central California) as a companion but she moved up to the more intermediate class. Now I’m in a trio with the other lovely sisters in my district/roommates. Hermana Beckstead (from Las Vegas) and Hermana Scadlock (from Roy, Utah). My companeros and another 4 elders in my district are all headed to Resistencia Argentina Mission! My district and zone are wonderful people, leaders, and examples.
Spanish has been fun and also very hard to learn. We had Hermano Dia as a teacher but his last day was yesterday because he goes to BYU and doesn’t have the time. It’s the worst to lose such a fantastic, motivating teacher.
We also have an “investigator” (usually a teacher…actually we saw him walk around campus with a teacher nametag so we’re 150% he’s a teacher). His name is Augustine and is very patient with our slow spanish.
I love the CCM so much and all it has done for me. Spanish is hard, but it’s coming a long! Next thing you know i’ll be “fluent” haha.
One last thing, this past Sunday we had a Devotional (all of the missionaries come together) on the main campus and what a blessing it was to hear from Brother Herpkfel who was the mission president of the Birmingham, Alabama mission (I’m not going to lie, it was nice to hear of the South/ close to home). And he stressed the importance of keeping a study journal while receiving revelation while reading the scriptures or any thoughts you may have. It was breath taking.
But after the devotional, they show videos of past speakers at the MTC. My zone and I watched Elder Bednar’s “Character of Christ”  (it’s amazing and everyone should go find it on youtube and watch it!!!). He talked about how as humans we’re naturally selfish. We dont want to help others unless we can gain anything from it. Whereas Christ turns off the natural man and has open arms for anyone. He told us of some examples, but I remember when I took New Testament during Winter semester of the story of the woman at the well. How she had many husbands and how her people were discriminated. Then Christ talked to her and had open arms. Absolutely magnificent. Go look it up, you won’t regret it.
I could go on for paragraphs on paragraphs about the spiritual experiences I’ve had here at the CCM, but alas I only have an hour to write emails.
Yo se que el evangelio de jesuscristo es verdadero. Y tambien se que jesuscristo es mi salvador. El libro de mormon es verdadero.
I love y’all so much and miss you all everyday!
Like what my teacher said, “make everyday of your mission count because it’ll fly by”.
Adios (until next week!),
Hermana Smith
(ps some of the espanol might be off because i dont know where to find the codes for spanish)

missionary selfie

DSCN0066 DSCN0075-1

Sister Beckstead and Sister Scadbeck
Sister Beckstead and Sister Scadlock