Week 1 – “The MTC is Hard”

Hola amigos y familia!!

Well I just finished my first week in the Missionary Training Center (MTC or CCM in espanol)! I’m not at the main campus thought, I’m at the lovely West Campus (all spanish speaking). It is absolutely wonderful saying “Hola” and “Gracias” around campus! We’re living in Wyview apartments so they’re much nicer than main campus which is definitely a bonus.
When I first arrived here I had Hermana Lake (from central California) as a companion but she moved up to the more intermediate class. Now I’m in a trio with the other lovely sisters in my district/roommates. Hermana Beckstead (from Las Vegas) and Hermana Scadlock (from Roy, Utah). My companeros and another 4 elders in my district are all headed to Resistencia Argentina Mission! My district and zone are wonderful people, leaders, and examples.
Spanish has been fun and also very hard to learn. We had Hermano Dia as a teacher but his last day was yesterday because he goes to BYU and doesn’t have the time. It’s the worst to lose such a fantastic, motivating teacher.
We also have an “investigator” (usually a teacher…actually we saw him walk around campus with a teacher nametag so we’re 150% he’s a teacher). His name is Augustine and is very patient with our slow spanish.
I love the CCM so much and all it has done for me. Spanish is hard, but it’s coming a long! Next thing you know i’ll be “fluent” haha.
One last thing, this past Sunday we had a Devotional (all of the missionaries come together) on the main campus and what a blessing it was to hear from Brother Herpkfel who was the mission president of the Birmingham, Alabama mission (I’m not going to lie, it was nice to hear of the South/ close to home). And he stressed the importance of keeping a study journal while receiving revelation while reading the scriptures or any thoughts you may have. It was breath taking.
But after the devotional, they show videos of past speakers at the MTC. My zone and I watched Elder Bednar’s “Character of Christ”  (it’s amazing and everyone should go find it on youtube and watch it!!!). He talked about how as humans we’re naturally selfish. We dont want to help others unless we can gain anything from it. Whereas Christ turns off the natural man and has open arms for anyone. He told us of some examples, but I remember when I took New Testament during Winter semester of the story of the woman at the well. How she had many husbands and how her people were discriminated. Then Christ talked to her and had open arms. Absolutely magnificent. Go look it up, you won’t regret it.
I could go on for paragraphs on paragraphs about the spiritual experiences I’ve had here at the CCM, but alas I only have an hour to write emails.
Yo se que el evangelio de jesuscristo es verdadero. Y tambien se que jesuscristo es mi salvador. El libro de mormon es verdadero.
I love y’all so much and miss you all everyday!
Like what my teacher said, “make everyday of your mission count because it’ll fly by”.
Adios (until next week!),
Hermana Smith
(ps some of the espanol might be off because i dont know where to find the codes for spanish)

missionary selfie

DSCN0066 DSCN0075-1

Sister Beckstead and Sister Scadbeck
Sister Beckstead and Sister Scadlock

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