Week 2- I’m Loosing my English


This week has flown by compared to the week before. We’ve had two devotionals since the last time I sent out an email (in the MTC there’s a devotional every tuesdayand sunday night). 
Last Tuesday, we had a member of the 70 come talk to us! It was pretty amazing, he also served his mission in Argentina 30ish years ago, but we talked to him after and he said to enjoy the food! Hearing that makes me so anxious to get out into the field, but I still have mucho español to learn! He also taught us how we can become better missionaries and how we can improve our skills. 
Well my companernos (Hermana Beckstead and Hermana Scadlock) get along so well! Being in a trio is the best because we never get bored with each other and we all have amazing stories to tell! We see Hermana Lake (my old companion) at meals and at P day but we´ll be heading to Argentina together in 4ish weeks! 
Being at the MTC it´s a rollarcoaster of emotions. There´s very high highs and low lows. Spanish is hard. Teaching is hard. Teaching in spanish is even harder. But I know that I can pull through! 
Sundays are definitely my favorite here. Since it was fast Sunday, we had a Mission Conference broadcast to West Campus via the Main Campus, and it was incredible. 
In Sacrament meeting we had Testimony meeting which was glorious. We just received two new districts (or classes) in our Zone (holds about 5 classes). One district is only going to be here for two weeks because they’re native speakers. They all shared their Testimonies and just hearing spanish that was was something I’ll never forget. 
Also, I played piano during Sacrament meeting! (Mrs. Marilee and my mother should be so proud!! All those years of practicing have paid off! haha. (also I completed sight read a random sacrament hymn, so that was fun.)
Also, after the devotional on Sunday we have the opportunity to watch 4 different movies, one of the options was “Legacy”. For you non-members this might not be too interesting (lo siento) but Legacy is a pioneer movie that is awesome. Mucho dramatic. 
Well that’s the closest thing you can get to a rom-com in the MTC, haha. We had a great time. 
Fun Fact: I’ll actually be here for the Ogden Utah Temple Dedication (which we’ll see live) and General Conference (which well actually be our last Sunday here)! I’ve heard that General Conference in the MTC is the best, so I’ll keep you updated. 
Last but not least, we have new teachers! Hermana Brown is from Grantsville, Utah and served in Dallas, Texas. She’s always so happy and helpful! Remember my old investigator, Augustine? Well he’s our teacher now, haha. His name is Hermano Humble from Portland, Oregon and served in San Antonio, Texas, he also came home in June so he’s fresh off the mission. 
They’re both fantastic teachers and I can’t wait to learn from them! Our old teacher, Hermano Dia still comes by and helps us.
The MTC is muy difficult and mentally challenging. But I love my distirct and my companions. These next weeks will fly by so I´m trying to absorb as much information as I can! 
Yo sé que Jesucristo es mi salvador. El Libro de Mórmon es verdadero. 
I´m so grateful for serving a mission. I love you all and don´t forget to dearelder (send me letters in the MTC for no charge for postage!!! go to the google and searchdearelder.com and click send letter to missionary, then use the address I posted on Facebook and my blog!! Por favor!) and email me!!
Te amo!
-Hermana Smith
first greenie package from Stef
first greenie package from Stef
companion trio
companion trio in the rain
Provo Temple
Provo Temple

two weeks down, four to go!
two weeks down, four to go!

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