Week 8: First Baptism and Feliz Día de Madre!

Hola once again from El Colordao, Argentina!

It´s absolutely, unbelievably hot here. Luckily, we are blessed to have AC in our apartment (only in our room where we sleep) and I´m incredibly grateful for it.

Before I came to Colorado, Hna. G and her old comp found this one family and baptized two sisters (fanny and sandra). They are the sweetest girls and I have such a strong spirit about them. Their younger sister, Adrianna, has been taking the lessons and we baptized her Saturday! She is the sweetest 8 yr. old you´ll ever meet. I feel so blessed to be apart of her conversion process.

Also, yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking in church. Let´s just say it was a struggle and I have a ton to learn. But I´m grateful for the opportunity to learn spanish. It´s really, really, really, really, really hard. Its hard not to get frustrated and quit. It´s hard not speaking english. But poco a poco. Simpre, poco a poco.

Fun fact: the food here is wonderful and the people love pasta and rice. Pero, they have this thing that tates like grits (a southern food, that is amazing). I almost died, only in Argentina would this happen, haha.

Yeserday was also Feliz Día de Madre here in Argentina, so I got to skype my mom and granny for a bit!! Such a blessing.

Probably one of my favorite parts during the day is personal study time. Just one on one time. No distractions, no heat. It´s fantastic. I encourgage each of y´all to take time out of your day and just read the scriptures. LDS or not, just take time to breath and read or ponder. I promise that you´ll feel better.

Our days are long: full of walking in the heat to different houses. It´s hard here. People are very receptive of the church but acting on faith is a different obstacle.

Every day I´m grateful for my family, for my companion, for the church, and for the opportunity to serve a mission. It´s hard, but it´s worth it.
I love each and everyone of yáll and I hope you have a fantastic week!

con amor,
hermana smith

ps: here´s some pictures of the baptism and some other fun treats!



this is where we do our laundry. its not too bad. im actually super grateful for it. its super easy to use. then i hang my clothes
this is where we do our laundry. its not too bad. im actually super grateful for it. its super easy to use. then i hang my clothes
argentina sunset
argentina sunset



Week 6 & 7


This week has been one for the books. My first week en el campo or the field has been full of ups and downs. First off, I´m in this smallish city of Colorado, ARG. Super hot and humid. It´s fantastic. Our area is the nothern chunck of the ciudad.

My comp/trainer is Hermana Guevara and she´s from Nicaragua! She´s fantastic and we get along great. She doesnt speak any english, so im learning spanish really, really fast. Also, she´s very patient with my spanish (which im grateful for).

We landed in Buenos Aires last Tuesday morning (I cant believe that was a week ago!). Then we met a rep from the church who didnt speak any english and drove us to the other Buenos Aires airport (we also passed the temple!!). Then we had a 8 hour layover, where we met other missionaries headed to RES too! They were at the Buenos Aires MTC and are fluent in spanish. Later that night we landed in RES and then met Pres. Franco and Hna. Franco (they have a instagram or facebook thing, go find it stef!!). Then we spent the night in RES in a really nice hotel. The next morning we had training at the church. Later, I said goodbye to my comps and my district in the MTC, and went with Hna. Guevara to go the terminal to get on a bus headed to Colorado!

We are always busy with contacting (by clapping at their doors, muy rado, haha) and teaching investigadores. Everyday is a different opportunity to share the gospel with people you wouldnt expect. It´s great and it keeps you on your toes.

Life is different here in Argentina, but I love it so much. I wish I had the time to tell yáll everything, but that would be a very, very, very long email.
This weekend we went to the fieste arte in the plaza! It was full of vendors selling all sorts of things. It was incredible and I really felt the culture of the Argentine people. Oh the food! full of pasta and carne, it´s pretty awesome. We walk everywhere and enjoy the heat of Argentina.

Spanish is hard. Especially castellano (i think this is how it’s spelled?). The people speak fast and its all slurred. But poco a poco.
I hope everyone enjoyed general conference! watching it in the MTC was amazing. Especially whenever they talked about the missionaries. The Campo is different than the MTC, but I absolutely love it.

Love you all and hope you´re enjoying the fall weather!!!

te amo! Chao!
Hermana Smith

Hermana Guevara and myself!
Hermana Guevara and myself!

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always walking along dirt roads...
always walking along dirt roads…
Dogs are everywhere!
Dogs are everywhere!

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BA Temple! We passed it on the way to the other BA airport
BA Temple! We passed it on the way to the other BA airport

SSCN0499 SSCN0506

Week 5- One month down, fun with Visas and other glorious MTC adventures

Hola, from the MTC!

Finished another week in the MTC and I only have about one more to go! Crazy to think that over a month ago I came here. I’ve learned so much about the church, being a leader, and learning more about myself. I have a lot on my mind, so here’s another group of lists of things that happened this week:
1. Last Tuesday, we were blessed to have Elder M. Russell Ballard (another head leader in the church) come and visit the MTC. He did neccessarily have one particular topic that he talked about, but it was more a “discussion with your grandpa”, at least that’s how he phrased it. Once again I have 6 pages of notes but here’s some interesting points that he disscussed:
 “you don’t know very much, but you have the opportunity to learn”. I feel that we can apply that to all of our lives, LDS or not a member. Here on earth, we are here to learn and grow from each other and the trials and tasks that we have. Throughout my mission, I hope to learn and grow from teaching others to learning Spanish.
“Always serve, teach, and love one another” “These will be spiritual expereinces that you’ll never forget”. “Strive to do what He will have you do.”
Then we discssued the scripture in Doctrince and Coventants (18, I think?), “How precious is one soul?”. As missionaries, we have to remember that anyone you come in contact with, is a precious soul of God. “Don’t pass anyone without an effort to contact [as a missionary], everyone is different, every circumstance is different”.
Then Elder Ballard discussed how significant prayer and personal study time is. “Commit your love to the Lord. Willingness and appreciation for what He did for all of mankind.” “Drifting in life? fix it. why? because you’re the only once that can”.
At the end of his comments, he bore his testimony of Jesus Chrsit. It was probably one of THE most powerful testimonies I have every heard. You couldn’t hear anyone coughing or a pen drop, everyone was focused on him. It was magnificent. I know that these Elders are true apostles of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Having two speak to the MTC in a row is outstanding and exhilerating. Makes me so excited to go and share the gospel to the World.
2. On a fun note: MY VISA FOR ARGENTINA CAME IN!! The next email you recieve from me, I’ll be in Argentina!! On west campus (all spanish speaking), there are about 50ish missionaries headed for Argentina. Myself and two other elders were the only ones that got their visas. My whole district got reassigned except for myself and Elder Lourenco.
Crazy to think that next week I’ll be there. I’ve absolutely loved my experiences here at the MTC, but I’m beyond ready to be in the field and improving my spanish.
3. I ran into Jace Clark in Wyview!! I was literally just telling a story about her and I to an Elder while we were walking across the road after class, then next thing you know I see this blond hair girl coming towards me. I screamed and gave her the biggest hug!! It was such a blessing to see her and it was amazing.
4. This week is General Conference! I’m beyond excited. Can’t wait to spend this weekend listening to amazing leaders and speakers.
Nothing else is too exciting here at the MTC. Hope you all are doing well! Heard that BYU is ranked 18!! That’s incredible! I think this weekend is the Utah State game, so I’m sure I’ll hear it from across University Ave.
Love y’all so much!
-Hermana Smith

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hermana gutierrez who joined our trio for a day because her comapions left yesterday. sweetest sister out there.
hermana gutierrez who joined our trio for a day because her comapions left yesterday. sweetest sister out there.

unnamed-5 unnamed-1

ninja missionary
ninja missionary
R to L (hermana beckstead, elder giles (in the back), elder liñes, me)
R to L (hermana beckstead, elder giles (in the back), elder liñes, me)