Week 6 & 7


This week has been one for the books. My first week en el campo or the field has been full of ups and downs. First off, I´m in this smallish city of Colorado, ARG. Super hot and humid. It´s fantastic. Our area is the nothern chunck of the ciudad.

My comp/trainer is Hermana Guevara and she´s from Nicaragua! She´s fantastic and we get along great. She doesnt speak any english, so im learning spanish really, really fast. Also, she´s very patient with my spanish (which im grateful for).

We landed in Buenos Aires last Tuesday morning (I cant believe that was a week ago!). Then we met a rep from the church who didnt speak any english and drove us to the other Buenos Aires airport (we also passed the temple!!). Then we had a 8 hour layover, where we met other missionaries headed to RES too! They were at the Buenos Aires MTC and are fluent in spanish. Later that night we landed in RES and then met Pres. Franco and Hna. Franco (they have a instagram or facebook thing, go find it stef!!). Then we spent the night in RES in a really nice hotel. The next morning we had training at the church. Later, I said goodbye to my comps and my district in the MTC, and went with Hna. Guevara to go the terminal to get on a bus headed to Colorado!

We are always busy with contacting (by clapping at their doors, muy rado, haha) and teaching investigadores. Everyday is a different opportunity to share the gospel with people you wouldnt expect. It´s great and it keeps you on your toes.

Life is different here in Argentina, but I love it so much. I wish I had the time to tell yáll everything, but that would be a very, very, very long email.
This weekend we went to the fieste arte in the plaza! It was full of vendors selling all sorts of things. It was incredible and I really felt the culture of the Argentine people. Oh the food! full of pasta and carne, it´s pretty awesome. We walk everywhere and enjoy the heat of Argentina.

Spanish is hard. Especially castellano (i think this is how it’s spelled?). The people speak fast and its all slurred. But poco a poco.
I hope everyone enjoyed general conference! watching it in the MTC was amazing. Especially whenever they talked about the missionaries. The Campo is different than the MTC, but I absolutely love it.

Love you all and hope you´re enjoying the fall weather!!!

te amo! Chao!
Hermana Smith

Hermana Guevara and myself!
Hermana Guevara and myself!

unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4

always walking along dirt roads...
always walking along dirt roads…
Dogs are everywhere!
Dogs are everywhere!

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BA Temple! We passed it on the way to the other BA airport
BA Temple! We passed it on the way to the other BA airport

SSCN0499 SSCN0506


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