Week 8: First Baptism and Feliz Día de Madre!

Hola once again from El Colordao, Argentina!

It´s absolutely, unbelievably hot here. Luckily, we are blessed to have AC in our apartment (only in our room where we sleep) and I´m incredibly grateful for it.

Before I came to Colorado, Hna. G and her old comp found this one family and baptized two sisters (fanny and sandra). They are the sweetest girls and I have such a strong spirit about them. Their younger sister, Adrianna, has been taking the lessons and we baptized her Saturday! She is the sweetest 8 yr. old you´ll ever meet. I feel so blessed to be apart of her conversion process.

Also, yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking in church. Let´s just say it was a struggle and I have a ton to learn. But I´m grateful for the opportunity to learn spanish. It´s really, really, really, really, really hard. Its hard not to get frustrated and quit. It´s hard not speaking english. But poco a poco. Simpre, poco a poco.

Fun fact: the food here is wonderful and the people love pasta and rice. Pero, they have this thing that tates like grits (a southern food, that is amazing). I almost died, only in Argentina would this happen, haha.

Yeserday was also Feliz Día de Madre here in Argentina, so I got to skype my mom and granny for a bit!! Such a blessing.

Probably one of my favorite parts during the day is personal study time. Just one on one time. No distractions, no heat. It´s fantastic. I encourgage each of y´all to take time out of your day and just read the scriptures. LDS or not, just take time to breath and read or ponder. I promise that you´ll feel better.

Our days are long: full of walking in the heat to different houses. It´s hard here. People are very receptive of the church but acting on faith is a different obstacle.

Every day I´m grateful for my family, for my companion, for the church, and for the opportunity to serve a mission. It´s hard, but it´s worth it.
I love each and everyone of yáll and I hope you have a fantastic week!

con amor,
hermana smith

ps: here´s some pictures of the baptism and some other fun treats!



this is where we do our laundry. its not too bad. im actually super grateful for it. its super easy to use. then i hang my clothes
this is where we do our laundry. its not too bad. im actually super grateful for it. its super easy to use. then i hang my clothes
argentina sunset
argentina sunset



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