Week 10: Raining like cats and dogs, Conferencia de Estaca, and Divisiones

Hola from the rainy land of El Colorado!

This week was full of fun adventures in mud and español.

Primer, in our district there are three sets of missionaries. Myself, my comp, two elders, and two other lovely hermanas, Hna. Cruz and Hna. Muijca, who are also the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. This week I went to San Martin and Hna. Muijca was in El Colorado for a day! It was nice to get a break from El Colorado for a bit. Entonces, Hna. Cruz and I talked to different people and old investigatores in San Martin. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow from another missionary.

This week was Conferencia de Estaca, or Stake Conference (where a bunch of LDS church congregations in one area come together) in Resistencia. This week we were trying our hardest to bring our investigators to the conferencia. One investigator who is also BFFs with the Sanchez chicos, Maria wanted to go. She invitied her cousin Marcos, so we began teaching Marcos the first lesson. He was beyond receptive and really wanted to know the truth. Since then, we´ve taught him so much and it´s really been an amazing experience. Whenever you find a “golden” investigator, it changes your whole attitude. It´s incredible.

So there´s strict law about how people under 18 can´t leave their province without the mother and the fathers permission (El Colorado is barely in Formosa and Resistencia is in Chaco). All of our investigators are either younger than 18 or have children younger than 18. So none of them could come.
But! The conferencia was brilliant. I understood probably less than 50% what was being said, but I could feel the language of the spirit and it was so strong.
President Franco and Hna. Franco (my mission presidents) spoke about how everyone can be a member missionary!

After the conferencia, I saw Hna. Lake (my comp for 2 days in the MTC) and Elder Lourence (in my District in the MTC). It felt so good to see familiar faces!

This week we have our Zone Conference on Wednesday and Multi-zone on Thursday in Resistencia! I´m pretty excited about it.

Nothing else going on here. Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween in the States! Some investigatores asked me about halloween in the states, so that was fun to explain haha.

love yáll so much and i love getting emails from you all! Sorry if I don´t respond to them, but i read them and they make my week!

con amor,
Hermana Smith

1. on the way to the conferencia!
2. Hna. Lake!

SSCN0940 SSCN0941 SSCN0942 SSCN0943 SSCN0949 SSCN0950 copy SSCN0950 SSCN0955 SSCN0960 SSCN0967 SSCN0968


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