Semana 27: 6 months in the Mission and Multizona!

Wow I cant believe that another week has flown by! Crazy. Time needs to slow down just a bit.

Anyways, hola again from Saenz Peña! I love it here. The branch is so strong and my comp and I work really hard. Some days are better than others here, but we always move on and look forward with an optimistic attitude! We`ve been knocking (or clapping haha, oh argentina) on doors and been looking for less actives a ton this past week.Which is like a fun scavenger hunt.
Anyways, this past week we had a conferencia de multizona! Which is where about 50ish missionaries come together with the president of the mission and have a conference to learn more about the gospel, how to help our investigators, and how to improve our areas. Also I got to see Hna Beckstead (my old comp from the MTC) and someother fun people. We watched thisfantastic video called “Meet the Mormons” or en spanish, “conozca las mormones”. Talks about 6 different  families around the world that are Mormons. It made my week to see this different,strong families around the world live and share the gospel with everyone that they know. Also there was a family from Atlanta (talk about being homesick or trunky…) and showed clips of downtown!
Even if you`re not a member, I highily recommend that every single one yall watch it! It`s highly inspirational for everyone. The last story was about a pre-missionary preparing to leave for his mission in South Africa. And I was thinking, wow that´s so awesome to be a missionary and to sacrifice 18 months (ladies) to 2 years (men) to give all the time to the Lord. How awesome.
Anyways, this past week I hit my 6 month mark (WHAT!!!) Where has the time gone?!? ¿Dónde está el tiempo??? So a tradition among missionaries here is for 6 month mark to eat 1/4 lt. of ice cream from the heavnly Hilado, GRIDO! the best ice cream. So that was a good time.
Thats all for this week!
Honestly everyday I feel so lucky and blessed to be where I am. Yes there are obstacles, yes there are days that are hard, but overall I know that I`m not supposed to be anywhere else in the world but here.
Estoy muy agrediecda para mi tiempo en la mision. Para las buenas cosas y las malas. Sè que con todo mi corazon que Dios nos ama y Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y vive! Me encanta Argentina y todos las experiencas tengo. No es facil, pero es posible.
Les amo y les extraño muchismo!! Have a great week!
Hermana Smith
1. multizona con mi comp, Hna Sihuay!
2 multizona con Hna Beckstead!!
3 my comp and i en Saenz Peña
4 Sunset en Saenz Peña

Semana 26


Every week seems to fly by faster and faster. It seems just like yesterday was p-day! This week was a hot one here in Saenz Peña. But not as hot as Formosa was, so thats definetly a blessing, haha.
Also this week we had the opportunity to talk more with the Señora we talked to last week. And with her husband! They really great and we`ve been teaching them a lot this past week. Every time we teach, they ask a ton of questions, which is great opportunity for them to learn and for us to learn too.
I love this area so much. Its very, very different from my last, but its another opportunity to learn and grow more in the mission! As my lovely mother reminded me, that this coming week I hit my 6 month mark and that in a year, I`ll be home. Which is CRAZY to think about. Honestly it feels like yesterday I was in the MTC. I feel like i`ve changed so much for the better. I know that my testimony has grown so much in the gospel. I`m so grateful for the experiences (the good and the bad) that I`ve had here in Argentina. I wouldn`t trade it for anything in the world.
This past week we`ve been contacting a ton, which is great because it gives us the opportunity to talk to more people, but its also hard. But tomorrow we have a multizone meeting in resistencia (yay for traveling) which im very excited about to learn more on how to be a better missionary.
Not too much this week, but I love you all a ton and hope that yall have a great week!!
con amor,
Hermana Smith
ps Good luck to Jace as she enters the MTC this week!!! Suerte mi amor!!

Semana 25

Hola from Saenz Peña!

I can´t believe another week has passed by here in my new area! Honestly I feel so blessed to have such an awesome, funny comp as Hna Sihuay. We have such a good time together and work so hard here.
The church here is really big, with about 50 active people, which is much different than my other area, so that´s been fun. We´ve been contacting and contacting every day. The area is a little bit different than in El Colorado, but I love it just the same!

This past week we talked to a señora outside of her house enjoying her “mate” (an herbal tea that EVERYONE in north argentina drinks) with her mom. We started talking to her and next thing you know we´re sharing her the first lesson (which is about how the church was reestablished). She said that she wanted us to come back and talk more! So yesterday we stopped by and talked with her and shared with her one scripture in the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 2 about the atonement of Christ. How he suffered and died for us and how only through his atonement we can return back to our Heavenly Father. Honestly it was such a powerful and stregethening lesson. I feel privlaged to teach her and I cant wait to see where it goes!

This week has flown by so fast, and I hate that. I´ve learned so much being in a new area. I miss El Colorado but I love Saenz Peña and I cant wait for the weeks to come to learn more and more.
Also it´s not as hot here as it was in El Colorado, haha. that´s a definte plus.

Nothing too new here, but learning a new area. Love you all and hope that you all had a great Valetnine´s Day!! This pas weekend, today, and tomorrow are Carnival, which is crazy here. And we´re in the apartment a bit early. But that´s the news from me!
Love yáll and have a great week!!

Les extraño y les amo!!

-Hermana Smith

Semana 24

Hola familia y amigos from SAENZ PEÑA, CHACO!!

Before talking about the loveliness of transfers, I want to backup a little bit to Saturday. So in my time in El Colorado, I`ve had the chance to meet Marcos. Such a sweet, bright kid that we`ve taught. But he`s had some issues with water and it`s a huge obstacle for him to overcome. Anyways, Saturday afternoon was supposed to be his baptism. We went to his house and met Nancy (recent convert) and she told us that he wasn`t home and she didnt know when he would be coming back. We told her that we would be waiting in the church and if he wanted to be baptized and truely had the desire, we would be there for him.
We left thinking that they would never show up and went to visit a less active in the branch. Then we headed to the church and guess who was there!? MARCOS!!! Oh my heart soared!!! He ran up to us and told us “Hermanas im finally ready to get baptized!!!!” Then we had a beautiful baptismal service for him and honestly one of my favorite moments in El Colorado. He was so thrilled and after the service he said how great he feels said thank you for all the hard work that we`ve done and for never giving up on him.

Then Sunday night we had transfers and I got changed to a new area, a new comp, and a new province! While packing my bags on Sunday night my heartbroke when I realized I had to leave El Colorado and the work that I`ve done there. I feel so grateful to have El Colorado as my first area and that place and the people that I meet and helped will always have a place in my heart. But! According to a Hermana in my old branch, we always have to move and to know a different part of the mission. I`ll always miss Marcos, Nancy, Magali and the other people that I`ve meet there. Also my lovely comp, Hna Arias, we`ve gone through so much together, crazy land ladies, medical problems, you name it, we went through it. I`m extremely grateful for her and I`ll miss her a ton. But I`m very excited about going to a new area!!

With that being said, currently I`m in Saenz Peña, Chaco. Area Centro 3. I arrived yesterday and my new comp is Hermana Sihuay! She`s from Peru and finishes in May. Together we`re the Hermana Leaders! Basically we help out the other sisters in our zone and I`m VERY excited for this opportunity to be together!!! I love the area already. It`s much different than El Colorado, much of a more bigger city…but I love it! I`m excited to see what we have in store here! Also the apartment is awesome (hot water and a washing machine…im a little excited!).

So this past week has been a little crazy. But I`m grateful to be in a new area, with a new comp and everything is new, haha. On a more spiritual note, this past week I read a great talk from Elder Hales from the past General Conf. ( and how the little things ( prayer, going to church, and reading the scriptures) can help us come unto Christ and help grow our testimony in Him.

Love you all so much and hope that you had a great week!!!!

con muchismo amor,
Hermana Smith

Semana 23

Hola from the lovely El Colorado!

This week (like the subject says) was very crazy, and that could be an understatment, haha. Unfortunately on Tuesday night we got a call from one of the APs and Hna Ramirez (our mini missionary) got changed (usually minis get to be in 2 areas) to Formosa, capital! We were all really sad to see her go, but happy that she gets to know another area of the mission! She was so sweet and patcient and we miss her a ton.

Lets see what else happened this week…Saturday morning I woke up feeling like a bus had hit me. Here in Argentina its called “gripe” or a cold. So thats been fun to deal with. But luckily our elders here in El Colorado are the best and gave me a blessing of health. It was an awesome experience and Im extremely grateful for them.

And the fun part of our week, WE MOVED TODAY!!!! honestly i`ve been looking forward to this day for SO long. Our other apartment was very ghetto and our new one is the best. Im very very excited (and we have hot water which is the BEST!)
Fun fact: we used a little ghetto cart and a horse to change apartments with…it was very “argentine” haha.

Short and sweet this week, but i love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Smith

Semana 22

Hola family and friends!!

Once again I´m writing you from the lovley El Colordo, Argentina!! Overall this past week was crazy with traveling and what not. To Resistencia and then onto Cordoba por tramities! Which is basically the paper work to be legal in Argentina. Which is awesome! We got to go visit the temple (only the outside) and caught up with some people that were in my district in the MTC! It was a lot of fun and I´m very grateful for that opportunity to see another part of this beautiful country.

Anyways, full of viajes and just an overall crazy week, I´m going to leave yall with a little tid bit. Yesterday during church we talked about a talk from general conference from Elder Dallin H. Oaks, “Loving others and Living with differences”. When I heard this talk in the MTC, I remember loving it so much and wanting to share it with everyone. In the talk, Elder Oaks quotes Pte. Monson, “Acutally, love is the very essence of the gosple, and Jesus Christ is our Exemplar. His life was a legacy of love”. Christ is our example of all things because He was perfect. Entonces, since he showed love and service to ALL people he encontered, shouldn´t we too? Just something to think about. Showing love and service to all the people around us. When we do this, then we can improve not only our lives, but the people around us too.

Overall here, it´s hot. Very hot. But I have a hate and love relationship with it, haha. Hope yall are enjoying the cold weather up north and hope that yall have a great week!!

Les amo y les extraño muchissmo!!!

Until next week,
Hermana Smith

Semana 21

Hola once again from El Colorado!

All is good and well here in the lovely land of El Colorado. This week we had divisiones or splits with the sister training leaders! It was a great opportunity to improve my teaching skills and learn more things how to be a better missionary! This week we`ve been really working hard with our investigators with a “fecha baptismal” or baptism date! We`ve been trying to work with them and with the “menos activos” or less actives in our area. With focusing on that, this past sunday in church some of the less actives that i`ve been working with since november, come!!! my heart was so big and full of joy. when I saw their faces, i felt the spririt so strong. Some days are harder than others, but when I see some that we work with, investigator or less active, use their faith and act on that, by going to church or other actions, I feel so happy and it`s very hard to describle. Feels like my heart is huge.

Also on Sunday I gave a talk during church about sacrifice. How Christ was the ultimate sacfrice. And how each week we have the opportunity to take the “santa cena” or the sacrament. To remember our baptism and Christ. How he suffered and died for us. Only through him can we be clean. All he asks of us to a broken heart and a contrite spirit. To act on our faith. I know with all of my heart that as we go throughout our lives, we should always remember our Lord, Jesus Christ. When ever we have struggles or problems, we need to rememeber that He understands all. Every pain in our heart or suffereing in our soul, He understands.

Overall this past week was great and I dont have that much time to write because we`re in Resistencia for a doctor`s appointment for Hna. Arias. But Christmas came late and I got all of our Christmas cards!!!! I was SOOO excited!! Thank you to everyone that sent me a card!! It made my Christmas feel so much better!!

Sorry this is short and sweet, but i love yàll and hope you have a great week!!!

Hermana Smith

Semana 20

Hola otra vez from El Colorado!

Hope all is well in the states!! Here in lovely Argentina it has been unbelievably HOT and humid. It`s a wonderful time, haha. Honestly I do love it sometimes.But overall this past week was great!
We had a zone conference this past week in Resistencia and learned a ton how to work with members and other lovely things. We also had an activity in the branch (a small congregation) this past Saturday and it was a great turn out! Played games and watching some videos and ate Pepas! oh me encanta!

Also its been great working with our new companion, Hermana Ramierez this past week! I love working with her. She has a ton of energy and has a strong testimony. I love it. And “poco a poco” or little a little Hna. Arias is geting better with her ankle, poor thing. Also i`ve been teaching them a little in english too which has been fun, haha.

Overall nothing new here in my area, we´ve been working a lot with the less activies (members of the church who never go) and hopefully build up the branch here! We`re doing all the best that we can to help “mejorar” or to improve our area!

This past week I was reading in a book from the church about the church`s history, the name is “Our Heritage” (it`s in the missionary library) and I loved this one quote from Pres. George Albert Smith,
“The happiest people in this world are those who love their neighbors as themselves and manifest their appreciation of God`s blessings by their conduct in life”.

I love that quote so much. If we show our gratitude for blessings and love the people around them we can obtain the greatest happiness in this life. Entonces, if we go about doing good and helping the people in ourlives even with the smallest of things, we can have happiness.
That`s what a mission is all about. Helping people through Christlike love. From small things to big things. Everyday we have the opportunity to serve the people around us, just depends on our choices to help them or not.

Everyday my love for Jesus Christ, our salvador, grows and grows. As I read in the scriptures and testify to the people of El Colorado my heart and testimony grows.
I`m very grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here in Argentina at this moment and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope that you all have a wonderful week. I think about yall all the time.


Hermana Smith

Semana 19

Hola familia y amigos!!

It`s been quite a while since I`ve emailed yall since last year! haha. kinda funny?
Hope all is well in your lives! And that yáll had a great new year! Last week hna arias and i got a call for transfers that we would be getting a new companion! Her name is Hna Rameriez and she`s from Reconquista and she`s a mini missionary! She technically not a full time missionary but she`s just testing the waters to see if she wants to serve one day! She is so sweet and we`re so blessed to have her!

This past week we had interviews with Pres. Franco (mission president) and it was a great opportunity to talk one on one about my area and how we can improve. Also we talked about my goals or metas for this transfer (6 weeks) and for the year 2015! Entonces, I know that yall have probably thought about how you can improve your lives with goals for this year. But if there`s something that i`ve learned in the mission are how important realistic goals are and how to complete them. So I challenge each and every one of you to make goals for this year and do it!

Also we studied in Preach my Gospel (a book to help missionaries) about how to find people to teach. One of the points is to “go about doing good”. I love that. Thats a way each and everyone of us can be christlike, serving and helping the people around us. From simple or small things, we effect the people around us.

Anyways, not too much news from here! Just working my hardest and to the best of my ability!

Love you all and I hope you`re enjoying the cold weather! Because it is HOT down here.

Chau for now!
-Hermana Smith

Semana 18

Hola once again from El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina!

Wow this week has been a little crazy.
But probably the highlight of this past week was the opportunity to skype my lovely family! I cant even express how fulfilling that was! I miss yàll so much and I hope that you had an awesome Christmas.

Anyways, this week after the fun times in Resistencia (doctor and zone activity) we headed back to El Colorado on the 24th and spent Christmas here! One thing thats different here for Christmas is that EVERY house had fireworks. So at midnight, in our apartment we could the WHOLE city was lite up with fireworks! So beautiful!
Also our branch president brought us food for Christmas and there was this special food from Paraguay and it was basically like corn dressing, so that was my highlight of Christmas eve, haha.

Then on this past Saturday we had an activity in our branch! We watched a movie and shared Pan Dulce (basically like a sweet bread with random fruit in it). We had some more less actives and it was a great way to spend time with people in our branch.

Overall Navidad was great. Hard not to miss family and friends, but great. Also this past week I had my 4 month mark! Crazy to think that i`ve been on my mision for 4 months! The time has flown by. I cant wait for the next 14!

On a more spiritual note, this week we recieved the “Liahonas” or the church magaize that has talks from Church leaders. Me encanta! I was reading one article from an ancient liahona and about a church leader when he was on his mission in the south pacfic (i think it was the same guy from “the other side of heaven” but im not sure). anyways, he talked about the sturggles that he went through on his mission. Not having water or food for months after a hurricane and other terrible circumstances. It made me think how grateful I am for the things in my mission. The opportunity to write my family every week. To have running water, to have (more or less) local convencices. When the going gets rough, and I try to get down on myself, I try to think of “oh it could be worse”. Basically being optomistic is what helps me.

Anyways, sometimes Navidad and other times in our lives, can be hard. Without family or other circumstances, but! I promise that if we stay optomistic and look at the bright side of things, we can be happier for the better.

So that`s this week! Not too much to report. This next week is transfers so we`ll see where the road takes me and my district.

Chau for now!
Con amor,
Hermana Smith