Semana 15

Hola once again from El Colorado!

This week has been one of the craziest and bussiest in my life. Like it says in the “subject”, I was in 5 provincias (basically like states) this week! How crazy is that!

Well we started out this week by heading to Resistencia for a reuion de zona! Where other missionaries come together to discuss how to improve our areas or whatnot. This month we talked about Navidad!! yay!
We recieved little tarjetas or cards about Navidad to give to investigadores or other people we meet. It says “Él es la dádiva” with a picture of Christ as a baby with Maria. Dádiva means “gift” but a voluntary gift. This christmas or navidad, I challenge each and everyone of you to think of how faith in Christ has helped or blessed you in your lives. “He is the gift”, the gift to help us in our lives. He gave his life for us. So that one day we could return to our Father in Heaven.
Also to know more about “Él es la dádiva”, search for or if you want to be really adventurous search (para espanol )
I hope this makes sense because english is hard.

Then that night (wednesday) I headed with 30 other missionaries to Córdoba! In the terminal I saw my old companera, Hermana Beckstead and other missionaries in my distict in the MTC!! It was so glorious to see a familiar face! It was also really, really, really, hard to speak in english. It was such a blessing to talk to her for a little bit, unfortunately she couldnt come to Córdoba, but it was a blessing to see her!
Then we were on a bus for 10 hours in the night.

When we arrived in Córdoba we headed to tramites (immigration for Argentina) all day, but that night we were blessed to go to the new Templo in Córdoba!! Unfortunately it wasn´t open, pero to be near the temple was just an amazing experience in itself. I´m beyond blessed to be near one for a little bit. In my mission the closest templo es in Paraguay, so be near one was a glorious opportunity.
The next day we also spent in tramites. And then headed back to Resistentica Friday night! I absolutely loved Córdoba. Very European and such a beautiful city! Also the alfajores there were AMAZING! Me encanta!!

On Saturday morning I was reunited with my companion, Hna Guevara once again and we headed back to El Colorado. This week was very hard because we weren´t in our area to work. Very, very difficult, especially getting people ready for baptisms. But, we are picking up the pace once again!

Love you all so much. I hope that you all have a wonderful Navidad in the states. This week we watched the Christmas Devotional from the first presidency in Salt Lake and I was a little trunky for Christmas in the states and the cold weather. Pero! I only have this time (and next year) for Navidad in Argentina and I´m going to enjoy it as much as I can. Also this week is the last week with my companera, so it´s been a little crazy, very sad, and really hard.

Anyways, this week has been crazy with traveling and I´m ready to work hard in my area!
Last but not least, i urge you all to go to and remember what the reason is for this season.

Love you all so much!!!

con amor y feliz navidad!
Hermana Smith

1, 2, 3 are photos of my crazy zone.
4 we went to walmart! so crazy.
5 part of my old zone!
6, 7,8 photos from Córdoba!
9, 10, 11 photos from templo de Córdoba!!!
12, 13 photos con Hna Guevara in Corrientas for her tramites! also with hotdogs, muuyy rico.


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