Semana 16

Hola familia y amigos!
First off, Feliz Navidad!! This letter might be kinda short today because we´re headed to Resistentica today for the last time with my companera, Hna Guevara! She heads home this week and I´m going to miss her so much. She´s helped me so much with everything, language, teaching, and being a missionary in itself.

But with all the crazy traveling this past week, we were blessed with having two baptisms!!! (Pictures to follow!). The two girls (Nancy and Magali) are cousins and they are the light of my life. They are so geunine and kind. I love teaching them and I´ll miss them so much! Their spirit is so strong and i love them to death.

This past week was pretty crazy (biggest understatment) and this next week as well. But I´m sure your lives are just as crazy with Navidad or Christmas this next week? Where did the time go! It feels like yesterday it was August and I was in the MTC. Crazy.
Anyways, I´m sure that you all are doing well and preparing gifts for family and friends for the coming weeks, but I would just like to remind you about the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to you.

Here in El Colorado summer starts on the 21st of December and its already been hot as hades, so that´ll be fun. Enjoy the cold weather for me!

That´s all for now, sorry again that this week is short. It´s been a crazy time here!

Love you all and have a Merry Christmas!!!

chau for now!
Hermana Smith

1, 2, 3, names and faces of my lovely, crazy district!
4 i found a FLORIDA plate! I screamed when I saw it hahaha
5 “dont cry for me argentina!” theres a Eva statue in the plaza in El colorado
6 an Investigator family!
7 8 9 yes thats a cow. her name is negreita!
theres a ton of photos. but its my life here in argentina! i love the people and the food! Its hard, but I love it.


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