Semana 18

Hola once again from El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina!

Wow this week has been a little crazy.
But probably the highlight of this past week was the opportunity to skype my lovely family! I cant even express how fulfilling that was! I miss yàll so much and I hope that you had an awesome Christmas.

Anyways, this week after the fun times in Resistencia (doctor and zone activity) we headed back to El Colorado on the 24th and spent Christmas here! One thing thats different here for Christmas is that EVERY house had fireworks. So at midnight, in our apartment we could the WHOLE city was lite up with fireworks! So beautiful!
Also our branch president brought us food for Christmas and there was this special food from Paraguay and it was basically like corn dressing, so that was my highlight of Christmas eve, haha.

Then on this past Saturday we had an activity in our branch! We watched a movie and shared Pan Dulce (basically like a sweet bread with random fruit in it). We had some more less actives and it was a great way to spend time with people in our branch.

Overall Navidad was great. Hard not to miss family and friends, but great. Also this past week I had my 4 month mark! Crazy to think that i`ve been on my mision for 4 months! The time has flown by. I cant wait for the next 14!

On a more spiritual note, this week we recieved the “Liahonas” or the church magaize that has talks from Church leaders. Me encanta! I was reading one article from an ancient liahona and about a church leader when he was on his mission in the south pacfic (i think it was the same guy from “the other side of heaven” but im not sure). anyways, he talked about the sturggles that he went through on his mission. Not having water or food for months after a hurricane and other terrible circumstances. It made me think how grateful I am for the things in my mission. The opportunity to write my family every week. To have running water, to have (more or less) local convencices. When the going gets rough, and I try to get down on myself, I try to think of “oh it could be worse”. Basically being optomistic is what helps me.

Anyways, sometimes Navidad and other times in our lives, can be hard. Without family or other circumstances, but! I promise that if we stay optomistic and look at the bright side of things, we can be happier for the better.

So that`s this week! Not too much to report. This next week is transfers so we`ll see where the road takes me and my district.

Chau for now!
Con amor,
Hermana Smith


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