Semana 19

Hola familia y amigos!!

It`s been quite a while since I`ve emailed yall since last year! haha. kinda funny?
Hope all is well in your lives! And that yáll had a great new year! Last week hna arias and i got a call for transfers that we would be getting a new companion! Her name is Hna Rameriez and she`s from Reconquista and she`s a mini missionary! She technically not a full time missionary but she`s just testing the waters to see if she wants to serve one day! She is so sweet and we`re so blessed to have her!

This past week we had interviews with Pres. Franco (mission president) and it was a great opportunity to talk one on one about my area and how we can improve. Also we talked about my goals or metas for this transfer (6 weeks) and for the year 2015! Entonces, I know that yall have probably thought about how you can improve your lives with goals for this year. But if there`s something that i`ve learned in the mission are how important realistic goals are and how to complete them. So I challenge each and every one of you to make goals for this year and do it!

Also we studied in Preach my Gospel (a book to help missionaries) about how to find people to teach. One of the points is to “go about doing good”. I love that. Thats a way each and everyone of us can be christlike, serving and helping the people around us. From simple or small things, we effect the people around us.

Anyways, not too much news from here! Just working my hardest and to the best of my ability!

Love you all and I hope you`re enjoying the cold weather! Because it is HOT down here.

Chau for now!
-Hermana Smith


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