Semana 20

Hola otra vez from El Colorado!

Hope all is well in the states!! Here in lovely Argentina it has been unbelievably HOT and humid. It`s a wonderful time, haha. Honestly I do love it sometimes.But overall this past week was great!
We had a zone conference this past week in Resistencia and learned a ton how to work with members and other lovely things. We also had an activity in the branch (a small congregation) this past Saturday and it was a great turn out! Played games and watching some videos and ate Pepas! oh me encanta!

Also its been great working with our new companion, Hermana Ramierez this past week! I love working with her. She has a ton of energy and has a strong testimony. I love it. And “poco a poco” or little a little Hna. Arias is geting better with her ankle, poor thing. Also i`ve been teaching them a little in english too which has been fun, haha.

Overall nothing new here in my area, we´ve been working a lot with the less activies (members of the church who never go) and hopefully build up the branch here! We`re doing all the best that we can to help “mejorar” or to improve our area!

This past week I was reading in a book from the church about the church`s history, the name is “Our Heritage” (it`s in the missionary library) and I loved this one quote from Pres. George Albert Smith,
“The happiest people in this world are those who love their neighbors as themselves and manifest their appreciation of God`s blessings by their conduct in life”.

I love that quote so much. If we show our gratitude for blessings and love the people around them we can obtain the greatest happiness in this life. Entonces, if we go about doing good and helping the people in ourlives even with the smallest of things, we can have happiness.
That`s what a mission is all about. Helping people through Christlike love. From small things to big things. Everyday we have the opportunity to serve the people around us, just depends on our choices to help them or not.

Everyday my love for Jesus Christ, our salvador, grows and grows. As I read in the scriptures and testify to the people of El Colorado my heart and testimony grows.
I`m very grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here in Argentina at this moment and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope that you all have a wonderful week. I think about yall all the time.


Hermana Smith


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