Semana 21

Hola once again from El Colorado!

All is good and well here in the lovely land of El Colorado. This week we had divisiones or splits with the sister training leaders! It was a great opportunity to improve my teaching skills and learn more things how to be a better missionary! This week we`ve been really working hard with our investigators with a “fecha baptismal” or baptism date! We`ve been trying to work with them and with the “menos activos” or less actives in our area. With focusing on that, this past sunday in church some of the less actives that i`ve been working with since november, come!!! my heart was so big and full of joy. when I saw their faces, i felt the spririt so strong. Some days are harder than others, but when I see some that we work with, investigator or less active, use their faith and act on that, by going to church or other actions, I feel so happy and it`s very hard to describle. Feels like my heart is huge.

Also on Sunday I gave a talk during church about sacrifice. How Christ was the ultimate sacfrice. And how each week we have the opportunity to take the “santa cena” or the sacrament. To remember our baptism and Christ. How he suffered and died for us. Only through him can we be clean. All he asks of us to a broken heart and a contrite spirit. To act on our faith. I know with all of my heart that as we go throughout our lives, we should always remember our Lord, Jesus Christ. When ever we have struggles or problems, we need to rememeber that He understands all. Every pain in our heart or suffereing in our soul, He understands.

Overall this past week was great and I dont have that much time to write because we`re in Resistencia for a doctor`s appointment for Hna. Arias. But Christmas came late and I got all of our Christmas cards!!!! I was SOOO excited!! Thank you to everyone that sent me a card!! It made my Christmas feel so much better!!

Sorry this is short and sweet, but i love yàll and hope you have a great week!!!

Hermana Smith


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