Semana 23

Hola from the lovely El Colorado!

This week (like the subject says) was very crazy, and that could be an understatment, haha. Unfortunately on Tuesday night we got a call from one of the APs and Hna Ramirez (our mini missionary) got changed (usually minis get to be in 2 areas) to Formosa, capital! We were all really sad to see her go, but happy that she gets to know another area of the mission! She was so sweet and patcient and we miss her a ton.

Lets see what else happened this week…Saturday morning I woke up feeling like a bus had hit me. Here in Argentina its called “gripe” or a cold. So thats been fun to deal with. But luckily our elders here in El Colorado are the best and gave me a blessing of health. It was an awesome experience and Im extremely grateful for them.

And the fun part of our week, WE MOVED TODAY!!!! honestly i`ve been looking forward to this day for SO long. Our other apartment was very ghetto and our new one is the best. Im very very excited (and we have hot water which is the BEST!)
Fun fact: we used a little ghetto cart and a horse to change apartments with…it was very “argentine” haha.

Short and sweet this week, but i love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Smith


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