Semana 24

Hola familia y amigos from SAENZ PEÑA, CHACO!!

Before talking about the loveliness of transfers, I want to backup a little bit to Saturday. So in my time in El Colorado, I`ve had the chance to meet Marcos. Such a sweet, bright kid that we`ve taught. But he`s had some issues with water and it`s a huge obstacle for him to overcome. Anyways, Saturday afternoon was supposed to be his baptism. We went to his house and met Nancy (recent convert) and she told us that he wasn`t home and she didnt know when he would be coming back. We told her that we would be waiting in the church and if he wanted to be baptized and truely had the desire, we would be there for him.
We left thinking that they would never show up and went to visit a less active in the branch. Then we headed to the church and guess who was there!? MARCOS!!! Oh my heart soared!!! He ran up to us and told us “Hermanas im finally ready to get baptized!!!!” Then we had a beautiful baptismal service for him and honestly one of my favorite moments in El Colorado. He was so thrilled and after the service he said how great he feels said thank you for all the hard work that we`ve done and for never giving up on him.

Then Sunday night we had transfers and I got changed to a new area, a new comp, and a new province! While packing my bags on Sunday night my heartbroke when I realized I had to leave El Colorado and the work that I`ve done there. I feel so grateful to have El Colorado as my first area and that place and the people that I meet and helped will always have a place in my heart. But! According to a Hermana in my old branch, we always have to move and to know a different part of the mission. I`ll always miss Marcos, Nancy, Magali and the other people that I`ve meet there. Also my lovely comp, Hna Arias, we`ve gone through so much together, crazy land ladies, medical problems, you name it, we went through it. I`m extremely grateful for her and I`ll miss her a ton. But I`m very excited about going to a new area!!

With that being said, currently I`m in Saenz Peña, Chaco. Area Centro 3. I arrived yesterday and my new comp is Hermana Sihuay! She`s from Peru and finishes in May. Together we`re the Hermana Leaders! Basically we help out the other sisters in our zone and I`m VERY excited for this opportunity to be together!!! I love the area already. It`s much different than El Colorado, much of a more bigger city…but I love it! I`m excited to see what we have in store here! Also the apartment is awesome (hot water and a washing machine…im a little excited!).

So this past week has been a little crazy. But I`m grateful to be in a new area, with a new comp and everything is new, haha. On a more spiritual note, this past week I read a great talk from Elder Hales from the past General Conf. ( and how the little things ( prayer, going to church, and reading the scriptures) can help us come unto Christ and help grow our testimony in Him.

Love you all so much and hope that you had a great week!!!!

con muchismo amor,
Hermana Smith


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